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Crafting Online Courses is a 6-week course that breaks down the start-to-finish process for creating a high-quality online course in your own home studio.

Are you ready to take your skills, hard-earned knowledge, and unique perspective and share it with the world? All while making extra income and growing your online reach? Crafting Online Courses is the right place for you.

You have a skill to teach, a voice to share, and there is room for you in the online course world. Take the guess work out of how to organize, film, edit, launch, and market a class that you will be proud of, and will get your students the results they want. 

For the Creative

Take the creative well within you, and share it with the world! Learn how to organize your library of ideas, choose which course to create first, and how to get that beautiful creative brain organized and ready to teach.

For the Doer

Are you ready to dig in to crafting an amazing, high quality online course right from your favorite comfy chair? That's right! No one is hiring a film crew around here (unless you know a guy). DIY'ing an online class never looked (and sounded) so good.

For the Motivated

If you're yearning for passive income, a more flexible lifestyle, and to become a trusted leader in your industry, teaching online could unlock those things within your business.



Share your knowledge + make an impact

In Crafting Online Courses, you'll learn how to create a highly effective online class that will showcase your knowledge and skills in the best way possible. If you've ever wanted to teach your unique process, but worried about how to format, outline, or film your course, you are in the right place. Not only will you create a class you're proud of, but you'll create a course your students will rave about.



Expand your reach + grow your community

Throughout Crafting Online Courses, you will learn how to foster connection with your existing community, as well as strategies and processes for growing your online reach. You will learn how to nurture your e-mail list, attract the right people to your courses, and support students throughout their time learning from you.



Add a powerful revenue stream to your business

Crafting Online Courses will walk you through each of the teaching platforms out there, and empower you to choose the one that aligns with you and your income goals. Learn the basics of branding, marketing, copy-writing and more to create a course that sells!

I'm Kiley Bennett

Online educator, artist, and designer.

In 2017, I created an online course about brush lettering, hoping to bring income to my surviving (but certainly not thriving) creative business. Little did I know then, but online education would give me financial stability and flexibility to do exactly what I love every.single.day.

Since then, I've created a dozen online classes, taught tens of thousands of students, and worked with companies like Brit + Co and Tombow to craft online courses that teach, inspire, and transform. 

I know what it means to be a struggling artist, bursting at the seams with ideas, and itching to share my unique perspective with the world. Honing in on my tried and true method for crafting a killer online course was a years long process...but it doesn't have to take you years to launch that class. In fact... I guarantee it won't. Not with Crafting Online Courses

Get Ready to Teach

WEEK 1 - 9/22

Whether you have zero ideas, one solid one, or 50 good ones, learn how to choose a course topic that you can teach with confidence, and your students will go crazy for

Platform + Pricing

WEEK 2 - 9/29

Learn the pros and cons of all the most popular course platforms out there! You'll be empowered to choose the platform that best aligns with your topic, goals, and will lead your students to success.

Lesson Plans + Pre-Launch + Branding

WEEK 3 - 10/6

The content of your course matters above all else, but we still want it to look amazing. Receive exact strategy for lesson planning and building out quality content, as well as branding and marketing processes for creating a course that just looks good.

Film your course

WEEK 4 - 10/13

Filming doesn't have to be scary OR expensive. Learn what equipment will work for your needs and how to use it effectively. There's more to filming than just equipment... learn tricks for styling your space + being on camera as well!

Editing Pro

WEEK 5 - 10/20

Learn to edit your course videos to perfection using simple editing software. I also share my tips for adding special touches, embellishments, and extras that set your course apart from the rest.


Launching, Selling + Beyond

WEEK 6 - 10/27

What needs to happen before you hit publish on your course, how to build out your course launch, and what to do when students start rolling in. But it doesn't stop there! Take advantage of your momentum and start building courses into your revenue stream for real!

Meet the Guest Experts Joining us for Crafting Online Courses

Amy Wolterman

Brand and Web Designer - Calluna Collective


Danielle Meadows-Stinnett

Owner of Octane Design Studios

Chloe Alysse

Influencer & Affiliate Manager at Tailwind and the creator behind ChloeAlysse.com

What else will you learn in Crafting Online Courses?

✏️ How to choose the best course topic for you + your audience

✏️ Generate a list of topics for future courses

✏️ How to stay organized throughout the process
✏️ Tips for Naming Your Course

✏️ Course Creation Schedule

✏️ How to own your voice + your process

✏️ How to choose the best platform for your course

✏️  How to create a course around student experience

✏️ How to format your course

✏️ Succeeding on Skillshare

✏️ How to plan a class project

✏️ How to define your course transformation

✏️ Create a course logo
✏️ Basics of branding to create a beautiful + cohesive course experience

✏️ How to use various levels of filming equipment

✏️ Tips for styling your filming space

✏️ How to start an e-mail list to grow your community

✏️  How to create free assets (opt-ins, worksheets, etc)

✏️ Copy-writing tips

✏️  How to edit your course

✏️ How to create a 60-second trailer for your class